About Us

MPI conducts marketing research studies for companies that manufacture and promote pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. And we've been doing that since 1992.

MPI RESEARCH specializes in marketing research interviews, data-collection and analysis for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Each year, we conduct dozens of studies in the US and Canada covering nearly every therapy area imaginable.

This has always been our focus, so it means that we know how to find healthcare professionals, payers and patients. We are comfortable discussing difficult therapy areas, and we understand how the Canadian and US healthcare systems work.

We have all of the capabilities of a full service agency, and we can carry out fieldwork assignments to achieve your US and Canadian quotas. All the work we do is carried out by our own staff – we do not subcontract work to other agencies.

Our fieldwork team includes trained bilingual recruiters and moderators who have extensive experience with studies involving healthcare professionals, so we are able to conduct almost any type of study across the US and Canada.